Dr Jeff Scott-- Ventriloquist
Jeff loves to laugh and you will be laughing with him as he introduces you to his zany cast of characters. Whether he is performing for senior adults or children, Jeff is a gifted communicator and entertainer. He is a great storyteller and is filled with wisdom and wit.

A kind and compassionate man, Jeff is the senior pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA, a Richmond suburb. He has written numerous articles on children, families, and parenting. His latest book is a children’s book entitled, “Where Do Belly Buttons Come From?” is available on
Amazon and other online retailers.

Debbie Scott--
Face-Painting & Chalk Art

Debbie is the artist of the family and loves to bring a smile to the face of children with face-painting. Senior adults love her chalk art drawings which often contain hidden pictures that are revealed under black light to the “oohs and ahhs” of the audience.

Debbie has masters degrees in both gerontology and religious education and has spent her working life helping senior adults and children develop a merry heart. Her latest book, “52 Programs that Pop”, is a wonderful collection of activities for senior adult groups. It is available at

Brennan Scott--
Juggler & Houdini-Style Escape Magic

With Brennan, it is all up in the air-- knives, torches, clubs, balls, rings, plungers, brushes, and just about anything he can get his hands on! His Houdini-style escapes from handcuffs, ropes, chains, and straight jackets are as amazing as they are fun to watch.

Brennan is a member of the International Jugglers Association, the Christian Jugglers Association, the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, and the International Association of Escape Artists. He is a frequent entertainer for schools, youth events, community groups, and churches.

His web page is