Caricature JeffJeff Scott sign

Ventriloquist, Jeff Scott, is a sure hit for your senior adult group, community program, children’s event, or corporate function. He and his zany cast of characters entertains, inspires, educates, and flat out makes you laugh.

Here are just a few of Jeff’s favorite characters-- and there are many more!

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Ida Claire is a delightful senior Southern Belle who will have you in stitches as she talks about her doctor visits, wrinkles, and the ups and downs of aging. Ida says one of the best benefits of being forgetful is that you can hide your own Easter Eggs!

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Major Dale E. Payne (USMC Retired) is like three day old cream puffs- crusty on the outside but still soft deep down inside. Jeff is always trying to get him to be nice. Good luck with that effort!

Slim Chance is a Texas charmer. He’s got a twin brother named Fat Chance. After these two boys, Mrs. Chance said she would not give her husband another Chance.

Kin Folk is from Polecat Hollow, TN, home of the fighting polecats. He spends all summer going to family reunions. He shows up and people ask, “Are you kin?” He replies, “I sure am! I am Kin Folk... Where’s the food?”

Whether Jeff is performing before children with a talking drawing board, or adults with a magic microphone that reads people’s minds, everyone is sure to have fun.